US records 37,077 new COVID-19 cases in one day


United States has now recorded 37,077 new coronavirus cases in a single day, that’s according to Johns Hopkins University.

Coronavirus has infected more than 2.4 million people and killed over 124,000 in the United States.

As coronavirus numbers skyrocket, some states are holding back on easing restrictions.

United states president, President Trump believes the country will have more cases, but insists the death rates of virus has dropped.

He says the country has developed it testing program, conducting almost 30 million tests.

“I say all the time because we want to say this in front of the media. There they are. Look at all these people. The fake news. We have the greatest- (applause) we have the greatest testing program in the world- we’ve developed it over a period of time. And we are up to almost 30 million tests. That means we are gonna have more cases. If we didn’t want to test- or if we didn’t test, we wouldn’t have cases. But we have cases because we test. Deaths are down. We have one of the lowest mortality rates. We’ve done an incredible historic job.”

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Meanwhile, New York City Mayor, Bill de Blasio says the city is on track to enter phase three of the reopening plan.

Mayor de Blasio said Phase three will possibly start on July 6th providing that the daily data indicators continue to decrease.

De Blasio said: “New Yorkers have done a great job through phase one into phase two and continuing to fight back this disease. Given that success, it’s time to talk about phase three. Now phase three can start as early as July 6th and right now we’re on track for phase three. We’re going to be working closely with the state of New York to make the final decision. Since it’s all about the data, the data is telling us yes.”

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“The good news is phase three will let sports and recreations in our parks. Basketball courts, tennis courts, soccer fields, volleyball courts, dog runs, handball courts and boxing courts are on track to open up on July 6th,” De Blasio stated.He also said visitors from states with high coronavirus infection rates will be asked to quarantine for 14 days.

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New York, Connecticut and New Jersey want those from Florida, Texas and other states to help keep the virus in check.


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