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50 Powerful Prayer Points For The Month Of January 2021

50 Powerful Prayer Points For The Month Of January 2021 …



This is the first month in a new year and it will be of a great benefit if you start the new year and new month with prayers of a breakthrough.

1. Oh Lord, send angels on errands to bring to pass an uncommon breakthrough for me in this new month.

2. I ask for a divine turn around in my business and career. I shall not lag behind in times of prosperity. I shall not weep in seasons of famine. I shall prosper, for I know that you’re God.

3. Whatever is trying to get in the way of my success in this new month is destroyed by the fire of the Holy Spirit.

4. Every occurrence of set back and stagnancy end with the months of old. As you proceed into this new month, breakthrough shall be your testimony and success shall happen in your career. Every man will hear of your good deeds.

5. You shall be like a tree planted by the riverside, bringing forth your fruits in your season. Whatsoever you do, shall prosper.

6. Your change will come in this new month. When men shall say there’s a casting down, with gratitude you shall decree that, there’s a lifting up for you.

7. In this new month, I shall experience a divine turn around. The power of God will be manifested fully in my life.

8. This month, you shall reach for the stars and rock great crowns. Your years and months of toiling are all over. Henceforth, you’ll begin to dwell in luxury and the abundance of God.

9. You shall experience destiny fulfilment. Any curse over your life shall be of no effect. The pronounce and promises of God over your life shall come to pass.

10. Father, perfect all that concerns me. Settle me in this new month. Make these days ahead about my success and victory. I shall be highly favoured in Jesus name.

11. Oh Lord, cause me to laugh for joy in this new month. Help me to be the best version of me. To live life to the fullest and explore the world you have committed to me. I shall not tarry anymore in the waiting room.

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12. May your storehouse be full and your barn is blessed. Your hard work shall be rewarded by your heavenly Father. You shall win every battle this month.

13. In this new month, Father, I want to see your right hand in my business. I want to feel your presence all around me. May the works of my hands heed to your divine words of favour and prosperity in Jesus name.

14. May the Lord elevate you beyond your dreams. May His favour set a crown upon your head. You shall prosper and flourish in this new month. These, I pray in Jesus name.

15. May the Lord grant you an uncommon breakthrough. May He do a new thing in your life in this new month. Because with Him all things are possible, your breakthrough will come unfailingly in Jesus name.

16. I ask for fresh fire for a breakthrough. I shall sell like never before and prosper as it is uncommon to a man in Jesus name.

17. You shall pursue, recover and overtake in this new month. Your breakthrough is sure in Jesus name.

18. May the Lord turn your tears into joy and your mourning into dancing. This is your month of laughter and perfection in Jesus name.

19. Whatever stands as an obstruction against my forward movement in my business and career is uprooted by the fire of the Holy Spirit in Jesus name.

20. I shall receive my promotion letter in this new month. No man on earth, nor demon in hell shall stop me. I am elevated in Jesus name.

21. Lord, in this new month, step into my case, let my life be a concern for You. Turn my life around in this new month.

22. Lord, You are omnipresent, let Your presence be with me always throughout this new month.

23. In this new month, my source of income will not be afflicted, it will not dry up in the name of Jesus. I declare there will be an adequate increase in my source of income in this new month.

24. Lord, in this new month, I receive grace to pick up every abandoned project and complete them in the name of Jesus.

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25. In this new month, every door of opportunity that has been closed, begin to open. I gain access to places that I couldn’t enter before now.

26. Lord, success is my portion in this new month. I reject failure, I cast down every pronouncement of failure in the name of Jesus.

27. Any spirit of set back lurking around your business must die by fire in this new month in Jesus name.

28. May the testimony of the Lord be sure upon you and your household in Jesus name.

29. That which the world has given up on regarding your matter shall be your number one testimony in this new month in Jesus name.

30. Father, in this new month, let there be a restoration of every good thing that I have lost. This new month will be filled with a good report in the name of Jesus.

31. Father, break protocols on my behalf in this new month. Where they have said it is not possible, let there be a possibility in the name of Jesus.

32. In this new month, I will be visited with unexpected help. My story will turn to glory, barrenness into fruitfulness.
33. Just as the expectations of the righteous shall not be cut short, my expectation shall not be cut short in this new month. I will not be disappointed in the name of Jesus.

34. In this new month, I call forth ideas that will increase my life. Ideas that are life-transforming begin to come in the name of Jesus.

35. I rebuke devourer in this new month, no money eating demon will gain entrance into my finances. I declare an increase in my financial status.

36. Just as Mordecai received a sudden intervention, my life receives sudden intervention in this new month.

37. This month, you will receive timely help. Help will come to you when you most need it. Men will ensure you receive what you need. You will not be to put to shame because money multiplies in your hands. The Lord will make you rich without adding any sorrow to it.
38. In this new month, with the greatness of your power, Lord subdues every power holding me down. I break free in this new month.

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39. This month, you will get the attention of the people that matters. You will not just sit in the midst of kings and queens, you become relevant to them. They do not take any decision without consulting you. You are connected to your helpers of destiny.

40. Father, in this new month, I will not experience reproach, disappointment or delay in the name of

41. My journey throughout this month shall be stress-free. My movement to and fro shall amount to success and breakthrough in Jesus name.

42. My prayers from the beginning of this year shall receive mind-blowing answers in this new month. This is my time to testify in Jesus name.

43. I shall overcome this sickness and disease in Jesus name. My body shall not live in pain anymore.

44. Hold your peace, for the Lord shall fight your battle on your behalf in this new month. You’re a winner in Jesus name.
45. May the Lord be merciful upon me and bless me with the fruit of the womb as He did Hannah in Jesus name.

46. I shall experience a divine turn around in the matters of my life as I proceed in this new month. Every negativity shall be made positive by the one who turned water to wine and parted the red sea in Jesus name.

47. May the Lord satisfy you with prosperity and longevity. May His light of salvation shine upon your path this month in Jesus name.

48. My ministry is blessed in Jesus name. There shall be a great harvest of souls for the Lord in this special month.

49. All ways shall lead into my shop and domain in this month of prosperity in Jesus name.

50. May the Lord pay attention to your needs and supply all your desires according to His riches in glory, I pray.

Please note that the prayer points contained in this article were not originally compiled by this author but were edited where necessary.

Source: Naija News

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