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Iniuobong Umoren: Highlights From Frank Uduak Akpan’s Confession

Iniuobong Umoren: Highlights From Frank Uduak Akpan’s Confession



I watched the video of his supposed confession or narration of what played out that day.



These are some of the highlights…

1)There were rumours that the culprit committed suicide in police custody, so they had to parade him.

2)The CP said there were no numerous shallow graves at the crime scene and he implores social media investigators to calm down.

b)The CP said the rumoured shallow graves look like where they uprooted yams.

3)The culprit (Frank Uduak) confirms he lured the victim to his slaughter house, told her the job is not real, but he wants to have sex with her. She agrees on the condition that he uses protection. Along the line he tries to take it off, she gets violent and hits him with a stabilizer on his head. Runs to the door screaming, he retaliates, killing her in the process.

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The stabilizer that didn’t kill him, suddenly killed her. Not forgetting the absence of bruises or injury on the forehead that was hit with a stabilizer.

4) He is angry with females because of his experiences with call-girls. So he decided to take it out on random, unsuspecting females.

How impressive. This one pass red pill, na black pill.

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5) He said he called a particular KUFRE EFFIONG. Remember David Hundenyin mentioned this name in his report. Kufre Effiong is his cousin. Kufre Effiong is also a protocol officer to Godswill Akpabio.

6) His father is a retired civil servant from the Ministry of Health. He retired as a director, having worked and lived in Abuja for about 20 years.

7) The father confirms that Francisca Akpan actually called the culprit to return to Uyo. Once again confirming David Hundenyin’s report. Francisca is his sister in Calabar. David’s report also stated that her location at the time of the call was Calabar.

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8- The father said he is disappointed, embarrassed and unaware of his son’s devilish ways. He is also not part of any organ trafficking syndicate.

9) The culprit said the NYSC boot at the crime scene belongs to his mother, they use it for farming and those numerous books belong to him and his siblings.

They must be scholars.

10) The property belongs to his father who is mysteriously never around. Thanks to the nature of his job. His farmer mother too is never around, neither are his two siblings.

11) He looks very unabashed. I wouldn’t know why.

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