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Bride Marries Wedding Guest After Groom Goes Missing

Bride Marries Wedding Guest After Groom Goes Missing



Wonders they say shall never end…and the say comes to life when a bride had to marry a wedding guest after her groom suddenly disappeared from the ceremony in the state of Uttar Pradesh in India.

The Tribune reported that the incident took place on Monday, May 16, in the town of Maharajpur, in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh.

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According to the news outlet, the couple had just completed their jaimala, or exchange of garlands, when the groom went missing. At the time, their families were getting ready for the main ceremony.

After a search by the bride’s family, they concluded that the groom did not just disappear, but intentionally fled the scene. Following several deliberations, the bride then tied the knot with one of the baraatis, a member of the marriage party from the groom’s side whose family also agreed to marrying him off to the woman.

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After the ceremony, the bride’s family reportedly lodged a complaint against the groom and his family.

An official later released a statement on the matter:

“We have received a complaint in this regard from both the bride and groom sides. While the bride’s side has sought suitable action against the groom and his family members, the groom’s father, Dharampal, in his complaint, has sought police help to trace his missing son. Investigations are continuing in this regard.”

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